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6 Projects That Add Value To Your Home

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Thinking about putting your home up for sale now or in the future? Here are 6 remodeling projects for various budgets that add value to your home:

Remember to get the necessary permits and licenses when remodeling, so any additional square footage or other changes can be legally acknowledged to any homebuyer. Try some or all of these projects, depending on your finances, to add value to and help speed the sale of your home.

  1. Add a second bathroom if you only have one. Younger buyers will rarely look at a home if it doesn't have at least two bathrooms
  2. Remodel the kitchen. Do minor repairs, such as updating color and style of cabinets, countertops and appliances that stay with the home, as well as updating older handle door knobs and pulls on drawers and cabinets.
  3. Update faucets and light fixtures to improve buyer's first impressions and suggest that plumbing and wiring is just fine.
  4. Invest in new floor or wall coverings, especially in bathrooms. This is very important, as it will improve the buyer's initial feel of the home when they walk in to view it. Plus, you don't want that green shag carpet from the 1970s dating your home and alienating buyers.
  5. Build a deck or patio. This provides additional outside living space for relaxation or family barbeques, as well as providing the yard with more visual appeal.
  6. Install central air conditioning to the heating system. For older homes, adding central heating and air will modernize the home, as today's buyers expect it.

It is difficult to get your money back from many home improvements that are done out of need or personal taste. For instance, converting a garage into an extra room or adding a fireplace, wet bar or swimming pool are remodels that rarely add up.

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