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BAO Foot Spa is the Complete Package

By Jake Levin

Though he didn't realize it at the time, Parin Zarifian's original career in one field would facilitate his own personal need for what became his newfound passion at BAO Foot Spa.

Zarifian worked with a number of different production companies on movie and TV sets after graduating from film school, but as he grew tired of not having a steady income, began to seek other career paths. At the time, his parents had a keen interest in spas and massages and would frequent them in the Santa Monica, Calif. area. Zarifian decided to join them one day and quickly realized what a great business opportunity laid before him.

"I quickly realized that while it was a great business that brought comfort and relaxation to many people on daily basis, it really could benefit from some improvements," Zarifian said. "I became interested and started to really study the industry specifically Chinese foot spas."

Zarifian enjoyed the way he felt after having the experts working on the knots in his feet that came from many, many hours standing around on the set of TV shows. As owner of BAO Foot Spa, he's now helping many more people enjoy that same feeling at its two locations in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

An emphasis is placed on the customer experience at BAO Foot Spa, something Zarifian found wasn't always up to par at the spas he'd experienced while researching his business. His spas present the most relaxing of atmospheres, complete with scented candles, trickling water and relaxing music. Clients are asked to turn their phones to silent, and there is little to no vocal interaction between the therapist and the client. Silence is golden.

"One of the things I noticed while researching other foot spas was that the therapists would often talk to each other, or talk on the phone or get up to greet or charge a customer," Zarifian said. "It is unfortunately the nature of the business as many foot spa owners are therapists turned owners and have very minimal experience in customer service. What we decided to do early on is to have a dedicated receptionist at all times. The therapists are trained in maximizing the customer's relaxation by not talking, or making any unnecessary noise during the massage."

Zarifian is constantly looking for ways to bolster the client's experience both before and after visits to BAO Foot Spa. Complimentary water and hot tea are offered to help a client further detox once the session is over.

BAO Foot Spa offers reflexology, which is a treatment based on the principle that there are points on the hands, feet and ears that are connected through the nervous system to corresponding parts of the body. When pressure is applied to these areas, it stimulates the movement of energy through the nerve channels and helps to restore homeostasis in the body.

"Reflexology can help with improvement of your nerve function and brain power, increasing your metabolism and energy and relieving discomfort from menstruation and pregnancy," Zarifian said.

Appointments may be booked online (, as can the purchase of gift cards. Appointments may be prepaid online as well for your convenience to kick back, relax, and simply enjoy your massage upon your trip to BAO.

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