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Bella Donna Catering: Serving World Cuisine for Over 20 Years

By Marina I. Jokic

Running a successful catering business for over 20 years with six locations across California, Steve Berrett has seen his share of weddings, anniversaries, and parties. In search of strikingly authentic recipes to add to his menu, Berrett has traveled to numerous countries and immersed himself in their culinary traditions.

His explorations have certainly paid off, giving him plenty of field experience alongside renowned chefs. Tapping into the regionally familiar Midwestern barbecue and Tex-Mex to more far-off culinary troves like Italy and Argentina, Berrett is keen on collecting unique recipes from around the world. The result has been a collage of delectable dishes, something for every occasion.

"I would describe our style of food as versatile and fun," Berrett said. "We offer foods from different parts of the world [where] we've lived and experienced."

Even as a child, Berrett was fascinated by the world of cooking. His grandparents started their own catering company in 1955, giving Berrett a first-hand look into the world of a family business that dealt in food.

"I kind of grew up around it, and it's something I enjoyed and [figured that] if I'm going to work [in it], I might as well be enjoying a celebration of some sort every time," he said.

At Bella Donna Catering, the menu is highly customizable and varied, boasting Italian, Argentinian, Dominican, East Asian, and Mexican style foods. For instance, the buffet option offers the Venezia, Dominican, Napoli, Kauai Luau, Yucatan, and Far East spreads among others. Each features signature dishes from its respective tradition. The Southern BBQ provides garlic mash, collard greens, cornbread, and barbecue chicken, for instance. Another popular choice, the Tropical Buffet cooks Hawaiian pulled pork and grilled pineapple chicken to perfection.

"[I] like to infuse fresh ingredients [into my menu first and foremost], and also can accommodate [special needs] such as gluten, [corn, and dairy sensitivities]," Berrett said. "One of my [favorites from the menu] is the Argentine food, because I used to live in Buenos Aires."

Multiple trips to Italy have given Berrett the know-how to prepare succulent chicken Sorrentino as well as Alfredo sauce with sun-dried tomatoes which burst with flavor. Bella Donna can also work to connect you with other wedding vendors such as photographers, florists, and specialty cake shops. Tying everything together into a seamless event is what sets Bella Donna apart from the competition.

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