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Boone & Stacie Weddings Know the Importance of Legacy

By S. Mathur

Boone & Stacie Frenzel, owners of Boone & Stacie Weddings, became professional photographers almost accidentally. It all began when Boone was on a snowboarding holiday and discovered the capabilities of a friend's camera. He was inspired to buy his own DSLR camera that very evening and hasn't stopped developing his craft since that day. Stacie joined him shortly thereafter.

"It was after my first wedding that Stacie joined me," Boone said. "In the beginning she came to assist but we quickly realized we should see if she could be trained. Stacie has been photographing ever since and now we fight over who took the best photo of the day."

Looking through the portfolio at Boone & Stacie Weddings, it's easy to see that the husband-and-wife team's own values and happiness frame the pictures they take of weddings and engagements. In these photographs, a timeless elegance and classic simplicity speak to the importance of the essential things in life.

Boone & Stacie chose to specialize in wedding photography because of their belief in the importance of legacy. They enjoy working together as a couple, and it helps their subjects feel more comfortable with them.

"The greatest benefit to working together is the immediate level of comfort our couples feel when we start photographing their engagement," they said. "We take the pressure off of them and do our best to laugh and have fun. After we're done we take our couples to dinner to get a chance to know more about them."

Getting to know their clients well helps the Frenzels to take photographs that will be meaningful to the couple, their families and to future generations. They believe that a good match between the wedding couple and the photographers is important.

"Couples spend the entire day with their photographer and they need to make sure it's a personality fit," the Frenzels said. "It's important to like the work and imagery but personalities are almost just as important. Couples looking to connect relationaship-wise, to be served with incredible care and concern will want to sit down with us and discuss their day in more detail."

The Frenzels constantly refine their craft by attending conferences, networking meetings, and industry trade shows, to provide the best experience for clients. In practical terms, their focus is on eliminating stress for the couple, especially on the day of the wedding itself. The secret is in careful preparation, down to the last detail. To this end, Stacie is in charge of communications, mailing out questionnaires and ensuring that the couple remain on schedule on the big day. The careful planning produces photographs that will be treasured by generations to come.

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