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Brick Homes vs. Wood Homes

By Tiffany Raiford

When building a new home or purchasing an existing home in Southern California, you might consider a home made from wood or brick. Both make for lovely homes with plenty of architectural appeal. However, both come with a number of pros and cons that are general to all wood and brick homes and some that are particular to homes only found in Southern California. Educate yourself on this information prior to making a final decision on your new home.

Wood Houses are Less Expensive

As a general rule across the country, houses made of wood less expensive than brick homes. In Southern California, this rule is no different. The cost of brick far exceeds the cost of the wood it takes to frame and build a new home. For this reason, it's easier to find a home in your budget made of wood rather than brick. You'll get more for your money if you choose a wooden frame home rather than a brick home in Southern California.

Brick Doesn't Need Painting

One of the biggest benefits of owning a brick home is the fact that while a stucco home or home with siding might need to be repainted every few years, your brick home will not. The way that brick ages is timeless and graceful. It doesn't look faded and streaky the way that a painted home will look. Essentially, it might be more expensive to buy a brick home, but you'll save money on the cost of maintenance over the long haul.

Bricks are Dangerous in Earthquakes

One of the most important considerations to make when choosing between a brick and wooden home is the fact that bricks do not tend to fare well in an earthquake. Homes made of wood and siding are more flexible, giving them the ability to move with the ground in the midst of an earthquake. Since brick is not at all flexible, there tends to be far more damage to brick homes than wood homes in the area.

Sometimes you have to look at the pros and cons and decide which category you will place them. Not everyone might consider the price of brick as a con, depending on their budget. However, there are always ways to incorporate a little of both into your home. If you are worried about the damage an earthquake might cause your home, consider using brick as an accent rather than as a main component of your home. A great contractor or builder will be able to provide you with a number of possibilities to help you incorporate the look you want into the home you feel is most beneficial.

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