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CB Pictures' Passion Shines In Every Photograph

By Pamela Sosnowski

Although not a morbid man, photographer Bryan Oberg admits that death is a motivating factor for why he photographs weddings, engagements, and other happy moments in life. He recalls a recently married bride whose mother died tragically in an accident just days after the ceremony. "The images we took of her on the day of the wedding were the last images of her mother ever taken," he says. "We all shared in a moment of realizing just how special and important our jobs are in documenting life's biggest occasions."

Oberg runs CB Pictures, a studio that specializes in weddings, engagements, family portraits and boudoir photography. He and his staff have a knack for setting their subjects against striking landscapes or settings.

"Our company has always cherished capturing special memories for our clients, and it has driven us in the way we create images and deliver them," he says. "For us, a photograph becomes a testament to a person and their family of their love and deep devotion to one another--it becomes a moment frozen in time that can be experienced over and over again."

CB Pictures can travel all over Kern County, particularly for capturing engagement photos, but they're also willing to travel anywhere to please a client, including out of state. Oberg owns a studio in Rosedale if one prefers an interior setting. For the studio, engagement photos are just as important as the wedding day itself because they document the first part of a couple's love story and make the memories last for a lifetime.

For a couple's big wedding day, the team is there early to document the bride and groom getting ready for the ceremony. They've traveled all over the U.S. to accommodate clients and have photographed brides and grooms at several notable local venues such as Park Place, The Ivy, Rio Bravo Country Club, and St. Francis of Assisi Parish. In addition to photography services, CB Pictures can also film a wedding and edit clips into concise montages that couples can share online.

Oberg is an award-winning international photographer, and says the type of pictures he loves taking best are boudoir. Not all of the photos show nudity or are set indoors; he works with his female clients to ensure they're completely comfortable and to bring out the best of their beauty. Many women?like a recent client, a 38 year-old mother of three?are moved to tears by the photos that Oberg takes of them.

"Bringing someone to tears because they see themselves as beautiful (sometimes for the first time in a very long time) is a rewarding experience and makes me feel good about what I do," he explains. "I like to help women feel beautiful about themselves, and if it means I make them cry (tears of happiness), I'm happy to show them the way they should feel about themselves."

When hiring CB Pictures, clients aren't getting photographers that simply take their picture, but ones that put their heart into it. As Oberg explains, it is not just a job. "Coming from a place of passion is something that is quite different than most others who practice in this field, and coming from a place of real artistic creation, we believe sets us apart from others who simply 'take pictures' for a living," he says. "Each image not only means something to our clients, but means something to us, as well."

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