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Come Join the Fangle at Copper Moose Fitness and Get Healthy

By S. Mathur

Copper Moose is a different kind of gym, where you have fun while getting into the best shape of your life. Members report remarkable results in weight loss, lowering cholesterol and even overcoming diabetes.

First of all, the name. Copper Moose Fitness was named for the owners' two dogs, Annie, a yellow lab whose fur is very coppery, and Moose, who is a chocolate lab. This is the first indication that Copper Moose is a different kind of gym.

Joseph Hawthorn, Success Coach, explains that "Copper Moose Fitness was born out of necessity to fill a void in the fitness industry. We consider ourselves the island of misfits. A place for the non-gym goer, who is looking to get strong, have fun, and improve their health without the mirrors, stares, and frustrations of a traditional gym."

It is a place where members can feel secure and get incredible results. In fact, Copper Moose is the kind of gym that Hawthorn had been searching for for quite some time. While he enjoyed his membership and workouts in the big gym chains, he "always felt self conscious. It was a competitive barrage of egos in the weight room and yet the people on the treadmills always looked the same year after year. I started to search for a gym that was supportive, uplifting, challenging, and with highly skilled coaches."

Finally, unable to find a place where he could have fun and get results, he and his wife April opened Copper Moose Fitness in Pasadena, CA.

The focus at the gym is on strength training because it gives people the ability to do the things they need to do in their daily lives, as well as the things they love to do. Hawthorn says that it helps "the dad who wants to play with his kids at the end of the day without back pain, the mom who has to juggle a kid in one arm and groceries in the other, the lady who needs to put her suitcase in the overhead bin, and the guy who wants to live a long healthy life. Strength training gives them the ability to do the things they need and love to do."

Essentially it gives people the opportunity to live and enjoy a long and healthy life. Copper Moose offers a free thirty-day risk- free trial, with the guarantee that if you don't like the gym, your money will be refunded. Hawthorn says that they have never been asked for a refund in the three and a half since years since the gym opened. Copper Moose offers personal training as well as classes.

So what should you expect if you join the Fangle? Members love to high five, laugh, swear, and enjoy jokes, says Hawthorn. They take the training very seriously, but not themselves. Members report remarkable results, achieved within a few weeks: weight loss, lower cholesterol, and even being cured of diabetes. A Fangle, by the way, is the collective noun for moose.

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