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Create a Scent that is All About You with Original Scent

A woman's scent is her signature. Most women have a go-to fragrance that they come back to time and time again. The key to a great fragrance is to match it with your unique scent. Every woman has a natural scent and perfumes are supposed to compliment them. However, in an expanding beauty industry, finding the one, or few, that are perfect for you can be difficult. Enter, Nicole Winnaman and Tish Cyrus with Original Scent in Pasadena, CA.

Original Scent is a full-service perfume bar. Anyone looking for a specially-formulated aroma for candles, cologne, body care, Eau de Parfum or their home can come to the Original Scent Pasadena location and spend one-on-one time with a Scent Stylist to create their original scent.

"The mass market fragrance experience has become overwhelming," Winnaman says. "At Original Scent, you work one on one with a Personal Scent Stylist who tailors a fragrance formula for you or your home that captures the essence of your unique personality and style."

Winnaman says she longed to start her own fragrance business because she, like many others worldwide, no longer wanted to wear the same scent as everyone else. She wanted a scent that was her own and nobody else's. The result was an overabundance of aromas. From men's cologne to bright, flowery scents, Winnaman says she combined perfumes to create her own "whether it was a good or bad thing."

"I was always on a quest [for] my very own signature fragrance," Winnaman says. "I knew that fragrance was a big part of my DNA and true loves, which let me to partner with my best friend...who shares my passion for niche fragrance."

Winnaman and Cyrus joined forces to create Original Scent. Both women have decades of experience in the entertainment industry, understanding what it takes to survive in the beauty world. Winnaman has been representing some of the world's highest profile artists in fragrance, fashion and beauty for 20 years. To build Original Scent, she studied with some of the world's most gifted niche fragrance designers.

"Original Scent's team of Fragrance Stylists are experts at identifying a brand's DNA and matching that to a custom scent canvas that represents the brand's identity," Winnaman says.

Winnaman says and Cyrus's and her business venture can provide anyone with their own unique scent, perfect for any occasion and any atmosphere.

"We offer a very personal yet affordable fragrance service in creating your most important accessory," Winnaman says. "[Your signature scent] becomes your sensory trademark."

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