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CrossFit Red Lotus Is Welcoming And Affordable

By S. Mathur

CrossFit can be intimidating to beginners, but that's only until they find the right trainer. For many people in the Bakersfield, CA area, that would be Jospeh Rosales, owner of CrossFit Red Lotus. He opened his own gym because he wanted to change peoples' lives through fitness.

"I worked as a personal trainer for about three years at your typical globo gym," he said. "However personal training sessions were very expensive, so only a small percentage of people could actually afford enough sessions to see any progress."

After trying his first CrossFit workout at a local box, he knew immediately that this was how he could achieve his goals.

"I knew CrossFit would allow me to reach more people and provide world class fitness at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one personal training sessions," he said. "My gym just hit its 3 year mark, and year 4 promises to be an exciting one."

At Red Lotus, CrossFit is welcoming as well as affordable.

"There are so many unwarranted fears that people carry with them that they are constantly being judged by others," Rosales said. "I make it point and so do my members to always cheer others on. Its important to let people know that just by showing up, they have won the day, and that should be something that is celebrated."

Gym members love coming here for the invigorating workouts and friendly direction from Rosales. No one ever feels left out. CrossFit is known for being community-minded, and Rosales maintains that tradition.

"Community is everything," he said. "I try to put on events, like BBQ's and holiday parties that allow our members to interact with each other. I also try and focus on the little things, such as letting classes know if it's another members birthday, or making sure a workout ends about 10 minutes early to allow the members time to converse with one another. There are a lot of friendships made inside CrossFit boxes, it's even how I met the woman I plan on marrying."

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