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Curative Yoga: Healing the Body and Mind

By Courtney Clark

Pasadena residents are learning about the restoring and healing powers of yoga with the help of Curative Yoga, a studio that is open daily and which offers a variety of classes. With a focus on the science of breath, practitioners will find themselves healing from within and finding a place to relax.

Naader Shagagi, Curative's owner, always knew he wanted to be a teacher. After reading Autobiography of a Yogi over thirty years ago, he decided to try the practice for himself. He says, "I discovered early that the breath is the healer of all things. The breath is not just air. It's prana, life force energy, and life itself." With this revelation, Shagagi added the "science of breath" to every pose, and in turn saw people heal themselves of illnesses and discomfort involving the nervous system, digestive system, lung capacity, and more.

Shagagi created Curative Yoga to incorporate Hatha and Raja (or Ashtanga) disciplines. The two, according to him, "focus on increasing one's physical strength and prana by using breathing techniques." In conjunction with strength and willpower, the breath heals and rejuvenates the body. The Curative Yoga style is offered in three specific classes: Curative Yoga All Levels, Curative Yoga Flow, and Curative Xpress. The first is a combination of more than 60 poses concentrating on learning to breathe in order to harmonize one's self spiritually, psychically, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

The second picks up the pace, while the third is a shorter one hour class. Additionally, Curative classes seek to help the practitioner live a happy and fulfilling life through the teaching of ancient wisdom and philosophies.

The studio teaches Yoga of Mystics. Shagagi explains that this practice "is for those who want a deeper understanding of the art and science of yoga" and "further explains the Curative Yoga teachings by including the science of concentration and meditation." The goal is to leave students feeling strong and balanced through thorough practice and education. Other classes besides Curative are Gentle Yoga, Hatha Mixed, Kundalini Yoga, and even Prenatal and Children's Yoga. Guided Meditation classes are also available, which help practitioners still the body and mind.

Pasadena's Curative Yoga studio wants to help all to heal the body and mind on multiple levels by using ancient practices rooted in science. Students new and familiar with yoga will find themselves in better control of their mind and body, discovering peace and joy within their heart.

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