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Do Green Termite Treatments Really Work?: An Interview with Armen Vopyan of Prime Termite

By Armen Vopyan

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company history and the services you offer.

We've been in business since 2001, doing combined green treatments since 2007. We developed specific methods, tested them and they work, otherwise we would do something else instead!

Why are people in Southern California choosing green termite treatments for their homes?

Everyone wants to avoid chemicals as much as possible.

What are the main differences between regular termite control and green termite treatments?

Green is now kind of regular. Fumigations are overly abused though a good tool for some types of houses where damage from drywood termites happens fast and with just prevention you cannot control them properly. On the other hand, fumigation can completely be replaced by heat, but about 20% of houses are not suited well for heat.

Do you get the same results with regular termite control and green termite treatments?

It depends on type of house and quality of work. Fumigations are excellent tool for complete extermination of drywood termites, but you can do a really good control by focusing your attention on partial or complete prevention rather than "killing them all." These types of termites do not do much damage during relatively shorter period of time, and that's why from preventative point of view it gives a better result, not only short run but long run. In most houses east of 405 freeway and the vast majority of houses of east of 5 freeway, provided that they were not built after 1980. After that things get a little more complicated. You can read the website for further info.

How effective is green termite control when it comes to preventing other types of pests?

Using termite control methods for other pests is not effective at all. Every type of wood-destroying organism has its specific type of methods. But there are green methods for other types of pests. For example, the best bed bug control is the green control by heat. The same with cockroaches using other type of completely natural control. Surprisingly these green methods give much better result than chemical ones.

What advice can you give Southern California homeowners about when they might want to and not want to use a green treatment to help get rid of termites?

Houses near the beach and coastal area, especially newly built ones, are much more difficult to do a good control by mainly green methods. Fumigation might be a good shortcut, otherwise we can go there spend 10 days on average, pock every single piece of wood in the house and still achieve a good result. if houses are on a tiny slab, especially when soil is wet, preventative methods are not enough. Up to 100 gallons of chemical will be needed for subterranean treatments, even if there is no intensive infestation. Other than that houses can be very well controlled with natural methods, provided that they are not localized. Orange oil is only a localized treatment since you cannot apply it to entire house, neither does it prevent termites.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

You can email or call us at 323-325-2926.

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