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Empower Yourself With A New Workout At Bella Barre

By Elisha Neubauer

For those looking for a new workout, one that is low-impact yet high in results, Laura Walker, owner of Bella Barre in Valencia, CA, wants you to give barre a try.

Barre is a mixture of pilates, yoga, and traditional ballet barre exercises. It is a low-impact, high result form of exercise which allows people of any shape, size, or background to join in. Walker found this unique physical activity shortly after having her first child. The intense cardio workout partnered with dance-inspired movements quickly transformed her post baby body and set Walker on a path she hadn't seen coming.

Walker was hooked. She began travelling out of area to hone her craft, visiting barre studios in neighboring counties. After years of roaming the state in order to train, Walker decided to open her own studio in her own neighborhood of Santa Clarita.

"I opened Bella Barre because I love barre and was unable to find anything like what I wanted to offer," Walker said. "A place where it was more than working out, it's building confidence, strength, and endurance."

When it comes to the atmosphere of Bella Barre, Walker has only one word to describe it: friendly. Everyone is encouraging and community is valued over competition. Education holds the top priority in the Bella Barre facility, as Walker and her team want their hand-crafted community to truly understand their bodies and the inner workings in order to enhance their workout sessions.

"We know what's it's like to try something new: intimidating," Walker said.

Each instructor is highly trained, having undergone a rigorous 150-hour training program. The program Bella Barre instructors are required to complete is currently the nation's most intense barre certification program. This translates into the dedication and passion displayed by each instructor.

In order to further your experience at Bella Barre, everything is provided for you. You just have to provide yourself, sticky socks, and water. If you don't happen to have some sticky socks lying around the house, don't fret. Bella Barre offers a cute variety on-site. Childcare is also available for those who need a helping hand to attend classes.

The benefits of barre include increased flexibility, stronger core, leaner legs, and an overall sense of well-being. The facility's rehabilitation based exercises are highly effective and keep joints safe. Pregnancy routines are also available, with a note from your physician stating you are cleared for regular exercise.

"Although slimming down and toning up are a side effect of our method, it's more important that our members feel the strength to live their everyday lives to the fullest," Walker said. "We want women to feel empowered and encouraged."

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