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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Cabinets: An Interview with Edmunds Sondors of Edmunds Sondors Remodeling

By Edmunds Sonders

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Edmunds Sondors began his business in 1996 in Ventura, CA. For almost two decades, Edmunds has offered his services across the Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties to help hundreds of homes and businesses look and function the way customers want. Edmunds Sondors Remodeling offers a variety of services to update, repair and enhance any room in your home or business. Initially starting as a general contractor company, we offer everything from small jobs (such as painting, updating light fixtures, installing new flooring and minor cabinet repair) to large-scale projects such as room additions and complete home remodels. Specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, Edmunds Sondors Remodeling focuses on creating a room that will be modern, functional and built to last for years to come.

What are some of the advantages when a homeowner chooses custom cabinetry?

There are several reasons why a customer may choose custom cabinetry over pre-made fabrications. One of the main reasons being that we can tailor cabinets to fit and match your existing space seamlessly. Every home is unique, and often our customers find that what they imagine for their home is not available in the general market. Whether you have a odd-shaped space or area that standard sizes would not accommodate, a color scheme not traditionally found, or any other niche aspects you would like to keep intact during your home remodel, we will be able to make the cabinets work for you.

In some cases, customers do not want to remodel an entire room or kitchen, and only want to add or refinish certain areas to match the rest of their space. By choosing to go with a company that creates custom cabinets, you can do just that because we can make one shelf or drawer to match what you already have, without you having to buy an entire set.

Can you talk about the cost of custom cabinets versus pre-made cabinets?

The cost for custom cabinets generally varies by project. Depending on the materials used and the style desired, custom cabinets can often be a financially affordable choice. Usually pre-made cabinets are made with MDF or less sustainable materials, and do not stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. While customers may spend more upfront, over time they will find that there are fewer costs associated with repairs or updates as the materials used are designed to withstand the test of time. Edmunds Sondors Remodeling also offers a lifetime warranty, meaning that at the point should you need something replaced or fixed due to normal usage, we will do that at no cost to you.

How much flexibility does custom cabinets give homeowners who want to remodel their kitchen or another room?

Flexibility really is the main component that customers strive towards when choosing to go with custom cabinets for their home. Any size, color, style or aesthetic can be matched when wanting to remodel a room. Custom cabinets give you the freedom to decide exactly how you want your space to look and function without having to rely on designs already created by someone who has never been in your home. We can even accommodate special requests, such as incorporating unique tiles, pieces of wood or materials not traditionally used in cabinetry to make something that will fit your home and personality in a way that pre-fabricated cabinets could not. If you want it done, we will find a way!

Does choosing custom-made cabinets mean a homeowner will have to wait longer for the work to be done? What's the process usually like?

This varies on several factors, given that Edmunds Sondors Remodeling is a smaller operation, the design, creation and installation will be done by one person, so usually this does mean that it will take longer. There is no next day delivery as you have to consider the time it takes to order materials, cut wood, assemble, stain, lacquer and finish each piece prior to being installed. Through there may be some additional time involved as with anything handcrafted, the end result is created especially for the customer and their home. The installation time is right in line with what you would normally expect with any remodeling company offering this service.

Is there a particular design trend or a popular style for cabinets that you've seen in Southern California recently?

Usually we find that customers prefer natural materials and classic designs. Of course every home is different, so customers want something that will match their existing decor and style, but more often than not we see that customers who value the craftsmanship of custom cabinets would like to keep the natural beauty of the wood grain rather than paint of reshape the materials to create a symmetrical and generic appearance.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

The best way to reach us is by phone or email, 805-642-3521 and

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