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Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara is 'Sanctuary' for Individual Growth in Yoga

Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara is a yoga studio and instructor training studio situated just off the Santa Barbara, CA beaches. Founder Zefea Samson has been practicing yoga since she was just four years old, even going on to win the gold medal three times in the international yoga championships, representing the Netherlands. Samson founded the studio alongside her husband with the goal of changing how hot series is passed on and focus on a collective and community approach.

"We see the yoga room as a sacred space, a sanctuary, where everyone can develop in their own way," Samson said. "We hold the space and you, as a practitioner [we] make it happen, whatever 'it' means that day. Often the teacher has such a prominent role in yoga classes we don't focus on the teacher as much because their role is to enable you to have the practice you are meant to have."

Yoga practices at Evolation are constantly evolving to accommodate a changing understanding and new experiences. The studio practices mostly in a heated room, ranging from 90 degrees to 105 degrees. However, there are plenty of classes held at a comfortable room temperature, for meditation, slower classes and the kids' class.

Classes are between 30 minutes and 90 minutes. Hot 90 and hot 60 are hosted at 105 degrees and go through a series of 26 poses with two breathing exercises. Warm 60 introduces similar moves, with a little less heat. Still 30 is a class that follows a warm or hot 60, allowing for students to practice self-guided meditation for 30 minutes.

"Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara is more than just a yoga studio," Samson said. "Evolation Yoga provides the blank canvas that leaves plenty of room for you to create your own yoga experience masterpiece and great teachers to guide you along the way."

There are also different flow classes offered through evolation yoga. Flow 75 is offered mildly heated or not heated. Both explore the dynamic movements of yoga.

Deep 75 is the last class offered to adults, held at a comfortable room temperature. It's yin-style yoga and held at a slower pace than the other classes at Evolation Yoga. Kids 60 is an all-kids class, with no heat added to the room. Kids as young as four and up to 12 can enjoy this age-appropriate class. Parents are encouraged to take the adult class that runs simultaneously in the adjacent room, or are welcome to drop their children off.

"Whether you are an absolute beginner looking to experience a yoga class for the first time, or someone with experience hoping to deepen your knowledge, there is a place for you at Evolation Yoga," Samson said. "Our teachers will thoroughly guide beginners and also challenge the more experienced students."

Evolation Yoga is a place where yoga students can also become yoga instructors. Offering 250- and 500 hour teacher training courses, future instructors can choose to learn the hot yoga series or flow. This includes the yoga philosophy, anatomy and mechanics.

To get started with Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara as a student or future instructor, visit

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