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Get Your Donuts Anytime You Want with Strongman Mini Donuts Mobile Donut Shop

By Marina I. Jokic

In America, donuts are a staple breakfast item. There are countless coffee houses, bakeries and fast food giants who sell the beloved breakfast treat, which has perhaps diminished its homemade flavor and quaint charm. Strongman Mini Donuts in Bakersfield, California has gone against the grain by offering its customers gourmet, artisanal donuts from a mobile shop and by doubling as a catering service.

Owners Melody and Michelle Orr says the inspiration for their mobile shop emanated from a trip to Austin, a mecca for food truck businesses. They say that "seeing their thriving food truck culture, and in particular a cute little pink mail truck that was serving hot, fresh mini donuts, made us think about bringing that sort of boutique style catering to Bakersfield."

Initially, the duo planned to work at carnivals, fairs, and festivals mainly. They wanted to stick to the old-fashioned, homey theme, which was to be reflected in the shop's name featuring the iconic handlebar mustache. And so the idea for Strongman was born.

The best part about owning a donut shop is getting to create the menu, Melody says. Putting together the catalogue of flavors together is a truly creative process, especially because the owners love to brainstorm new and unusual combinations and ingredients. In the beginning, she adds, they began by just trying to come up with flavors which people simply hadn't encountered on donuts before, like their cake batter glaze for example.

The events that Strongman Mini Donuts caters serve as another source of inspiration and discovery. The Banoffee donut with banana glaze topper with English toffee, for instance, was inspired by the Scottish Games which Strongman recently catered. The Dutch Apple donut likewise was born out of the Tehachapi Apple Festival. Clients also share their ideas with the sisters, such as a recent retirement party for a police detective whose favorite flavor was German Chocolate cake, which Orr adopted into a new specialty donut.

Strongman's philosophy is simple, Michelle adds, which is why it has worked well so far. Basically, they strive to make the freshest, most delicious donuts and coffee and to use locally sourced ingredients. Using a proprietary vanilla donut recipe gives them a good foundation to work with when adding the many different glazes, toppings, and flavored sugars.

The shop provides individualized service to each and every client to meet their specific event specifications. Additionally, they can create new flavor profiles and tint the glazes to match a particular party theme. There is coffee and hot chocolate bar service available for events as well.

"We do work very hard to ensure that we exceed expectations in terms of quality, flavor, and presentation," says Melody. Personally, she feels privileged to work with so many different people and be an essential part of their wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, and baby showers. It gives her a chance to connect with her customers on a more personal level.

"These are unforgettable events in people's lives, and we work very closely with our clients to ensure perfection in every detail," Michelle emphasizes. Strongman Mini Donuts is a small operation at first sight, but has managed to touch so many people's lives.

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