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Integrative And Holistic Healing At Ethereal Body

By S. Mathur

Ethereal Body was created in 2004 by Dr. Krista Augius, DPT, to provide more integrative and holistic healing experiences. Located in Santa Monica CA, Ethereal Body offers therapies like meditation, yoga, craniosacral therapy, reiki, physiotherapy and other integrative healing modalities. While working as a physical therapist, Dr. Augius discovered that her healing interactions with patients and clients had an energetic current. Wanting to learn more about the mystical side of health and wellness, she travelled to India to study with yogis, sages and Ayurvedic doctors.

"In eastern philosophy and metaphysics, the etheric body is the layer of energy around the physical body, also named the aura," she said. "It seemed appropriate after this energetic discovery that after devoting years of my life to study the physical body, physiology, anatomy, chemistry etc that I would bridge the gap between the western and eastern philosophies and methodologies of healing."

Her experiences in meditation combined with a background in biology, science and a clinical doctorate in physical therapy to increase her awareness of the connectivity of the physical body.

"The physical body is a complex network of muscles and bones that function in teams," Dr. Augius said. "I also like to focus on the essence of a person, getting to the core of their body, reminding people to stay present with the breath and also to let go of external influences or the mind's control over oneself in order to be truly present. It is this place of reaching your core or the inner seat of connection where transformation is possible."

Treatment begins with a one on one evaluation. Dr. Augius uses a holistic and osteopathic approach to devise a treatment plan for each patient. Patients find that her treatments are remarkably effective for pain resulting from various types of injuries such as car accidents or sports injuries. They also find her manner, which is warm and kindly, to be as important as her medical skills. She explains every stage of the treatment, educating patients about their bodies and wellness.

"As a teacher of physical and mindful practices, my style is artistic, intuitive, compassionate and anatomical," Dr. Augius said. "I strive to provide each person with a strong foundation of knowledge of the body and also cultivate awareness of the sensitivities of energy flow throughout the body with the breath and consciousness through mindfulness and meditation."

Dr. Augius has authored a book based on her years of teaching titled Center Me that offers a guided self help exercise program for physical stability, flexibility and strength. More information about the book can be found on Ethereal Body's website, Ethereal Body Physiotherapy Holistic Wellness Redcord Craniosacral Therapy Meditation Yoga. Much of the advice and treatments are based on her own personal experiences of injury and healing.

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