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Fly like a Superhero with Jetpack America

By Elisha Neubauer

Have you ever wanted to fly like a superhero? Walk on water? Sure, those were childhood dreams, but don't let go of them just yet! JetPack America in San Diego, CA is the largest, most experienced jetpack rental company in the world. They have made wishes come true for over 15,000 first-time flyers and offer jetpack sales, pilot and instructor training, and private and commercial support on-site. With three flight centers, you can be sure to have your needs met by their highly qualified staff.

The jetpack works by sucking up water from a jet-ski or a pod, which is then shot up through a long hose, propelling the rider across the water. The hose can give ranges of over thirty feet in height and allow the rider to dive underwater and burst back through the surface. Riders are provided with extensive training material as well as earpiece-equipped helmets for constant communication with their trainers. Each and every staff member loves what they do, giving them the extra edge when it comes to encouraging first-time riders.

"Being able to experience the thrill of someone's first time flying with us is almost as memorable as me doing the activity for the first time," says Nate Sinisgalli, manager of JetPack America. "Often people will come back after a year or so and we will still remember their names and their flight. It's because we experienced it with them!"

Besides being able to fly superhero-style, what makes using a jetpack so much fun? "Jetpacking is one of those sports that quickly becomes addicting," explains Sinisgalli. "You hear about friends getting hooked on sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, and scuba diving all the time. Jetpacking is just the newest version of that."

President of JetPack America, Dean O'Malley, describes jetpacking as "the perfect mix between jet skiing, parasailing and even scuba diving." A true conversation starter, JetPack America offers several photo or video packages to document your flight experience, as well as providing a jetpack pilot certificate for further proof to friends or family that you flew with the best.

Depending on the package you choose, your jetpack experience will range from fifteen minutes to a full hour. Constant contact with an instructor who retains a remote throttle control will allow you to enjoy your flight experience without any fear. You'll have three-dimensional freedom of movement, permitting you to move in any direction, at any height, and at any speed that the jetpack can carry you. An experience unlike any other, you'll feel completely weightless; suspended three-stories high above the water below. If you're looking for something unusual to do, or just want to fulfill that childhood dream of being a superhero, check out one of JetPack America's three locations in Newport Beach, CA, San Diego, CA or Las Vegas, NV. Tell Superman to eat his heart out- it's your turn to fly.

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