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L.A. Roots Catering Elevates Dishes to Superstar Status

By Pamela Sosnowski

In a big city like Los Angeles you would think there would be no shortage of quality caterers. For Isaiah Seay, however, something was missing in the L.A. catering scene that inspired him to start his own Agoura Hills-based business, L.A. Roots Catering Co.

"After years of seeing how other catering companies operated, performed, and provided, I noticed there were a lot of missing gaps in what could be a very easy and cohesive experience," he recalled. "Many people in this area weren't doing it the way it was supposed to be done. I felt that with the experience I have just in a few years in the food industry that I could do it better."

One of the components he wanted to do better was the food itself. As many of Seay's friends were getting married around that time, he noticed that the wedding meals were rather bland.

Isaiah Seay

Why can't wedding meals have a unique flare to them? Why is it always plain chicken and steamed veggies? Those were questions he asked to himself. Seay already had more than a decade of catering experience under his belt. He launched L.A. Roots Catering in 2014 and has been blowing clients away ever since with his unique dishes and flavor combinations that he creates using what he calls his culinary sixth sense.

Some of these include braised short rib sliders in a burgundy wine reduction, lobster wontons served with a plum sake dipping sauce, and chicken and waffles on toothpicks drizzled with maple syrup and smoked bacon. Those are just some of the starter tidbits.

"Another dish that really sticks out to me is our Triple-A sushi grade seared ahi with preserved lemon and sage bur Blanc," he said. "No explanation necessary; it's just really good!!"

Seay describes his offerings as rustic, chic, and reasonably priced, and the company's food style as California fusion with influences from Latin, Asian, Mediterranean, and Polynesian cuisine. All ingredients are organic and from local sources whenever possible. In addition to weddings the company has created menus for small dinner groups, anniversary celebrations, fundraisers, and other events.

"We see how other catering companies are sometimes afraid to break out of the box of traditional catering menus and service," he said. "We want every event to be special and unique as only we know how to make it."

L.A. Roots Catering's steadily growing success inspired Seay to launch a side venture, L.A. Roots Woodworks. The company makes handcrafted serving boards from cedar, black walnut, African zebrawood, and amaranth. All boards are made in California, hand sanded, sealed with natural oils, and 100 percent food safe. They're the same boards used to display and serve food during L.A. Roots Catering's events.

In addition to providing quality catered food that is out of the box, L.A. Roots Catering prides itself on delivering exceptional service for every client.

"We have a laid back yet professional vibe," Seay said. "We have unique food that we have coined and others can rarely copy. We deliver friendly and thorough service with a smile and offer the complete experience from beginning to end. Just ask any of our clients and they'll tell you!"

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