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Laughing On Both Sides Of The Lens With Matt Misisco Studios

By Elisha Neubauer

At age 15, Matt Misisco fell in love with photography.

Introduced to the work of the famed Ansel Adams during his teen years, Misisco found himself so inspired by Adams' eye for photographic detail that he resigned himself to life behind the lens, while he learned the ins and outs of the art on his own terms.

Throughout high school, the dedicated young photographer found himself exploring his hometown of Big Sur. Shooting pictures of everything from landscape photography to senior portraits of his friends, Misisco quickly developed his love affair with photography into a full-blown career.

After graduating high school, Misisco took to traveling, joining a travel program in Brazil which gave him the opportunity to pair his love of culture and exploration with that of different people from around the world. He was able to travel, while learning to tell the stories of the individuals he met along the way.

"This experience really changed the way I view the world, which from that point on would always be with a camera in hand," Misisco said.

Photography wasn't Misisco's only passion, however. Always having been interested in arts and entertainment, he found himself enjoying comedy on a level much deeper than a simple appreciation. It wasn't long before he began taking comedy classes and participating in performances himself. This appreciation spilled into his work and Misisco began to transition into entertainment photography.

"I view photography as storytelling and I love working with people to communicate their unique story and emotion through captured moments," said Misisco. "There is a lot of room for creativity in working with comedians, and we always have a great time."

Misisco's entertainment photography is bold, colorful, and exaggerated; showing every inch of his love for the artform as well as truly capturing the subject matter in a fun, exciting, and eye-catching manner. While entertainment photography is his specialty, it is by no means the only form he excels in.

He takes a minimalistic approach to headshots, allowing the focus to be on the subject's personality, conveying a certain mood in a very engaging and natural way.

"Your headshot is your first impression and you really have to captivate your audience and evoke a sense of emotion at first glance, Misisco said. "With the feedback of respected agents and casting directors, I have further developed my style to ensure that my headshots provide clients with the very best first impression."

When it comes to boundaries, Misisco is no stranger to pushing the walls and expanding the very box defining photography's style and mannerisms. Believing the experience should be client-based, Misisco strives to create an experience based on trust, comfortability, efficiency, and customization.

"I work with each client to bring their unique vision to life, whatever that may be," he said.

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