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Learn How this Big Time Hollywood Executive Turned Her Love for Pilates Into a New Career

By Elisha Neubauer

When Amy Jordan found herself facing divorce, she decided to handle it a little differently than expected. Instead of devouring a carton of ice cream or wallowing with friends, Jordan submerged herself in a physical activity --Pilates.

Jordan found a relief in the activity that she hadn't dreamed of when she first began. It gave her a sense of calm in her chaotic world. "I found that one hour to be incredibly healing and head clearing every time," states Jordan. She was so enamored with the feeling the endeavor left her with that she immediately knew she needed to share it with others. "I felt a passionate desire to open a studio in order to pay it forward and share Pilates with my hometown."

In 2008, Jordan opened her first Pilates studio in her hometown of Montrose, California. But, she didn't stop there.

Knowing she wanted more from the workout, Jordan racked her brain. Three years after launching her first studio, she found herself on an airplane when ingenuity struck. "One studio with reformers wasn't achieving exactly what I wanted to share so I literally sketched our patented WundaFormer while on an airplane," Jordan explains. Within a year of doodling her future on a piece of paper, Jordan launched her very first WundaBar Pilates studio.

So what exactly is a WundaBar Pilates studio? According to Jordan, WundaBar utilizes a unique machine that incorporates several machines into one, making in-class transitions smoother, getting you back to the workout faster. This easy to use machine features a Reformer, Wunda Chair, Jump Board, and Ballet Bar all in one. "This allows for zero down time between exercises and the results from the proprietary combination these incredible apparatuses that you can't get in any other studio," says Jordan.

In addition to the unique machine, Jordan describes one other difference with how WundaBar Pilates operates. At WundaBar, they focus on moving from the inside out, as Jordan tells it. "We get deeper than the muscles," she details. "We move from the bones outward focusing on bone alignment and how they rotate around the joint." This type of movement allows clients to take what they learn in class and apply it to their daily lives.

Despite being a fairly intense workout, Jordan assures us that just about anyone can do it. "With our small group (high energy) classes, your Educator will offer modifications so that each client works at his or her own level," she says. This type of individual attention, even in group classes, allows even the newest of 'Wundabodies' as Jordan refers to them?to jump right in and get the workout they are looking for.

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