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Lyon Technologies Brings Over 100 Years of Adaption to Today's Veterinary Care

By Elisha Neubauer

Getting its start back in 1915, Lyon Technologies has changed as much as it has grown. Starting out as Lyon Rural Electric Company, the found of the company, W. Ernest Lyon, began by putting electricity into home all around San Diego. While this is something you and I might take for granted, in 1915, the concept of a fully-electric household was still fairly new, and quite impressive.

During the early days of the company, Lyon himself raised livestock and tended an orange grove. Finding many challenges throughout the process of managing these, he began to realize that he could apply electricity to some of the processes in order to solve these farm-related challenges. Before he knew it, the company began to alter to show this side-hobby of his.

Lyon, who wanted to alter the conditions in which farm animals were raised, pioneered the concept of electrical brooding. This newly developed concept changed the face of the poultry industry in cold-weather US locations, making year round poultry product possible, despite the harshest conditions.

In the 1960s, the company, which had undergone several changes from its original format, changed its name to Lyon Electric Company. In 1985, it added the line of Marsh incubators and bird equipment. Lyon's pioneering attitude really led the way for the company, paving a new road for farmers with the help of electric brooders, heaters, humidifiers, air conditioning, vaccinators and other animal care devices; as well as clear-view incubators for education and training.

"These laid the foundation for where we are today with our oxygen therapy cage conversion doors, incubators and intensive and critical care units for zoo's and veterinary animal hospitals," says Scott Martin, CEO of Lyon Technologies.

In 2006, the company changed its name once again. Becoming Lyon Technologies, the company was able to better communicate the services and products which they now offered. Today, Lyon builds all its own products in their San Diego factory and stand behind them 100%. "I have met people at the factory that have 30 and 40 year old machines that are still in use," explains Martin. "In fact we recently had a customer send us an incubator from the 1930's when they were cleaning up their Grandparents farm; it was still functional."

While offering state of the art products and service is something that Lyon feels strongly about?it's not all they believe in. According to Martin, Lyon firmly believes in giving back to the community in which they serve. "There's really no better way than to share our expertise by helping to care for and preserve animals," he states. "We learn a lot about the veterinarians needs we help them and frankly it makes our products better too."

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