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Movement of Pilates Restores Lives In Santa Clarita, California

By Paul Rowe

Since 2007, Movement of Pilates Studio has proudly served the Pilates community in Santa Clarita. Through its dedicated commitment to providing extra care for new Pilates students, Movement of Pilates provides a gateway to the Pilates community that is welcoming, comforting, and energetic. Each newcomer even receives a complimentary 55-minute session to safely and efficiently asses and place inexperienced individuals.

Our bodies were designed to move. Luckily for the Santa Clarita community, Movement of Pilates is here to kick them into motion. Through unique, integrated approaches combining the latest Pilates techniques with cutting-edge equipment, Movement of Pilates improves the core stability, posture, flexibility, and strength of the Santa Clarita community.

"We are a very light hearted, fun filled studio where there is absolutely no judgement, no ego, and no bad vibes," owner Melissa Lee said. "My clients have all become friends, supporters, cheerleaders, and ears to listen to each other and to me as well. We are open and inviting: a real gathering place where there are no strangers, just friends we have yet to meet."

Everyday, the bustling environment at Movement of Pilates is filled with a wide diversity of people in pursuit of a range of goals. The strongest person here just might be the heaviest one, or the one who has scoliosis, or the one who has been through cancer three times along with all the surgeries that come with that disease. No matter what they have been through, they have a home at Movement of Pilates, a warm place where they can set their futures in motion.

"Some studios will tell you that their studio may not be right for you if you have severe scoliosis, a recent hip replacement, or MS," Lee said. "Not Movement of Pilates: we accept all kinds of issues and focus on correcting any problems within the body to our best knowledge. We cannot cure fibro, lupus, or MS, but we can certainly help these individuals move without pain or impairment for days on end."

There are many Pilates studios in the Santa Clarita area, but only one that features hours ranging all throughout the day and night, and small, intimate classes with educated instructors willing to tackle such a diversity of physical problems: Movement of Pilates. Lee and company have effectively improved countless lives in Santa Clarita.

"I've been a teacher here in Santa Clarita since 2007, but I was involved with a studio that was going through a lot of changes, was for sale, and possibly closing, so I decided set up a studio in a 300-square-foot sunroom at the back of my house in 2013, and named it Movement of Pilates."

Since Movement of Pilates opened its doors in 2013, everyone in Santa Clarita and its surrounding areas has had the rejuvenating opportunity to kick their lives back into gear.

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