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Ponds and Pondless Waterfalls for Your Yard: An Interview with Eric Triplett of The Pond Digger

By Eric Triplett

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

The Pond Digger started back in 1986 as a hobbyist, with fish tanks and tiny homemade ponds. As time passed Eric began breeding and selling many rare and unique African Cichlids. From there Eric began professionally maintaining aquariums and ponds for both private residences and businesses.

This led him to building ponds and waterfalls. As you can easily see, keeping fish has been a lifelong passion for The Pond Digger.

Today, The Pond Digger takes great pride in creating customer water features including koi ponds, waterfalls, and fountains that quickly become a backyard paradise for their clients.

Can you briefly explain what a pond is?

A pond is simply a contained body of water that may house fish, amphibians, turtles, plants, or water fowl. The Pond Digger customizes the filtration based on the inhabitants that will reside in the water feature.

What are some of the main choices a homeowner will need to make during the pond design process?

The main decisions a homeowner will have to consider when designing a pond: what the pond may house as far as aquatic life, so we can appropriately filter the feature, and location. We always want the best use of the water feature, so we like to predict destination spots in the yard to enjoy it from.

How long does it typically take from start to finish to design and install a new pond?

A typical pond build may take anywhere from a couple days for a simple pond to a few weeks for complex detected koi ponds.

What's the difference between an outdoor waterfall and pondless waterfall?

An outdoor waterfall may include a pond, a body of water any where from a few inches to several feet deep. A pondless waterfall, has no body of water. The water that runs the pondless feature is hidden underneath rocks in an underground reservoir, so there is no danger of drowning.

What advice can you give to people about proper maintenance for their new pond or waterfall?

Maintenance for the water features we build can vary greatly. A pondless feature, has virtually maintenance free, other than blowing off leaf debris that may try to build up. It can be shut off for hours or even days at a time, if the homeowner leaves for vacation.

Ponds require more maintenance such as, cleaning a skimmer basket, feeding fish, and occasional cleaning of the filters.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

The best way to contact The Pond Digger is call us at 1-800-522-5043, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. We can help you design your dream water feature!

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