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Protecting Your Property Rights: An Interview with Raffy Boulgourjian, Attorney at Law

By Raffy Boulgourjian

Tell us a little bit about your practice and its foundation.

We represent property owners: first-time homebuyers, residential and commercial landlords, condo owners, homeowners' associations, vacant land owners, holders of rights to another's property (such as easements and tenants). If you hold a right involving real estate, we can help you protect it. We are licensed to practice in both state and federal court. We also specialize in representing property owners in bankruptcy proceedings.

What is one of the top issues that homeowners in Southern California come to you for?

As the market dynamic shifts, I am happy to say that we haven't handled foreclosure-related case volume in quite some time. As the field turns toward a seller's market, our cases today mostly involve helping clients SELL their properties.

What are the key steps that you would then take to help them resolve their issue?

Though we are trial counsel, I am a believer in trying to settle a case before we file a lawsuit. The best means for attempting settlement is by way of a formal mediation. Mediation involves the professional involvement of a neutral third party, who attempts to resolve each side's respective concerns and differences toward an agreement. I want our clients to know that, even if mediation was not successful, they exhausted every option before filing suit.

What other types of real estate transactions do you oversee?

In today's market, we are helping a lot of clients obtain court orders to sell their property when they have a joint holder of title who is less enthusiastic about selling the property. Seeking such a sale in California is a matter of right; no one is expected to stay in a joint ownership of real property if they no longer wish to do so.

Another area where many of our clients are turning to us for help with recently are problems which come to surface several days into escrow. Vexing issues of title, permits or disclosure can oftentimes, with the help of our office, be untangled in time to close escrow on schedule.

Is there anything important that you think most people don't know about protecting their property rights?

Diligence and more diligence. It is estimated that almost half of the residential properties in Los Angeles County alone have property partitions (i.e., fences, walls) which do not sit squarely on the property line. If this problem is ignored for long enough, your neighbor could develop a legal right to continue using your property as marked. Under certain circumstances, your neighbor may even become the legal owner of the portion of property on which they are encroaching. A simple, professional plot line survey from a licensed surveyor is a wise investment for any property owner.

The second area where property owners could make the biggest difference in protecting their property rights is to provide NOTICE. By simply recording documentation of their property rights, any member of the public (and therefore any third party) is deemed to have been placed on notice of your position. By doing so, you prevent third parties from claiming any ignorance of your rights, a key element to many third party defenses that others could raise against you.

Do you have any recommendations for people looking for a real estate attorney in Southern California?

Read reviews, ask a trusted real estate professional if you have one, meet with the attorney in person. You must feel comfortable with your attorney, you will most likely be working with them for some time as the legal process is not the fastest.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

I welcome anyone to reach out to me via my personal email,, or our office phone at 818-476-0107. If you call to make an appointment, I can usually meet with you within 24 hours.

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