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Sacred Energy Arts Merges Three Mind Body Disciplines

By S. Mathur

Sacred Energy Arts (SEA) is the creation of founder Matthew Cohen, based on his knowledge and practice of yoga, healing and martial arts. His integrated system of health and self development incorporates the best elements of the three methods of self development and self actualization. Cohen's studio in Malibu CA offers classes, workshops, and teacher trainings. He also travels both nationally and internationally to teach SEA.

"I felt it was the most true expression of my creativity and satisfied my desire to help others have better health, and offer them a way to remember, express and connect with there original primal nature," Cohen said. "I developed because I feel the fusion of yoga, Qigong and Martial Arts offers more together than any one of the disciplines can offer alone. I feel that the fusion is stronger than individual expressions, much like a mutt is often stronger than a purebred dog."

Cohen has been teaching Sacred Energy Arts for 20 years, and is most interested in the students' interaction with their selves during the practice.

"I am most interested in working with people who want to find their truth," he said. "If students are willing to put in time and resonate with what I am teaching then I am sure the practice will be a good fit for them. For me the question is, is the student a good fit for the practice and is the practice a good fit for the student."

SEA helps people become more conscious and aware, stronger and better able to face life's challenges, Cohen feels. It works by helping them to connect to their bodies, emotions, power and Energy. All three systems of mind body discipline are great as stand alone health systems. But joining the practices creates something something powerful and transformative.

"Yoga is generally more masculine or yang, linear in its expression," Cohen said. "Qigong is more feminine, yin, circular. Qigong is about the cultivation, regulation and expression of Qi, life energy."

Martial arts is a way to bridge the two practices, and also a great way to directly meet and reduce one's fear response. There are a number of ways to join the founding principles of each practice, and potentially endless combinations.

Students feel that Cohen is a true martial arts master, helping to energize the psyche and balance the spirit. He truly understands the potential energy and how to utilize it.

"I endeavor to teach with honesty, intelligence and heart," Cohen said. "I utilize both ancient and progressive teachings . I bring in beauty, story, movement and stillness, silence at times, as well as music."

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