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Santa Monica Healing Is An Escape From the Corporate Grind

By Elisha Neubauer

April Pfender toiled away in the corporate business world for many, many years. But, it didn't make her happy. In fact, quite the opposite. Pfender found herself in a vacuum of corrosion, feeling as if the industry which sustained her lifestyle was soulless and unhealthy.

Realizing this was easy, but taking the steps back became difficult. Pfender found herself up against a wall: did she follow the steady path, the path everyone expected her to walk, and continue down this sickening course? Or did she stray from the beaten walkway, escaping the current and running free?

Pfender consulted her higher self to find the answers she was seeking. Surprising to everyone around her, Pfender gave up her corporate lifestyle and began another journey, a journey of self-exploration. In 2015, she walked away from all that she knew and began a career as a healer.

Today, Pfender has been offering reiki healings for 3 years full time, and has an extensive private practice built. Her background is rooted in meditation instruction, yoga, basic pranayama, and hands-on healing. Pfender is on a journey to help others find and connect with themselves, to the innate healing inside. In Pfender's eyes, everyone has an ability to heal themselves and this is what she seeks to foster in her clients. Knowing this isn't a one-time journey, she continues to explore wellness techniques and healing modalities to add to her client's healing options.

"Most beautiful souls that arrive in my healing space experience profound energetic shifts which help them to turn things around on a deep soul level," Pfender said. "I work with patients who are going through something incredibly emotionally difficult, injury cases, illness, and those seeking relaxation."

Reiki, according to Pfender, can help gently relieve emotional and physical stressors so that a person's own innate healing can take the forefront.

Currently, Pfender operates her business solely on word-of-mouth referrals. She believes this helps to set her apart from her competitors, who place focus on advertising and pulling in clients. In Pfender's eyes, her only focus is on healing her clients. In her opinion, this maintains the integrity of her business.

"I know that anyone who finds me has truly come seeking something higher, an evolution of the mind, body, and soul," she said. "I am but a channel to help service your soul on this journey."

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