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Smart Decorating Tips For A Small Room

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Maybe you live in a small condominium or an historic home with tiny bedrooms. Small rooms can be comfortable and cozy. But the current look of these rooms makes them appear even smaller than they really are. Spice up your home by giving some depth and texture to these smaller spaces.

Even those with a minimal budget will find it easy to decorate a small room to give it a more open feel with these smart tips.

  1. Minimize clutter. De-clutter a small room. Papers, books, lots of small nick-knacks, clothes on the floor and other messes just gives an uneasy feeling, as it's hard to contain to just one area as you could in a larger room.
  2. Keep clean. Similar to clutter, cleanliness is a must in a small space. Keep windows especially clean to improve flow and provide the idea of space by bringing the outside in.
  3. Provide lighting. Lighting is essential in a small room. Three lights attuned to a focal point help create depth and space. Try a mix of floor, table or wall fixtures for variety. Use the right lighting for the room. Bright lighting may give a cold, sterile feel to the room while dim lighting will be dark and uninviting. Experiment with different lights to get the desired effect depending on the room's natural light source and its intended use.
  4. Use colors. Choose neutral or relaxing colors that create a sense of peacefulness. Small spaces can feel claustrophobic to some, so help create that calm vibe with the right paint color. Try painting the ceiling in a slightly darker tone than the walls to help give the sense of space.
  5. Add mirrors. Add a small mirror or two on the walls as part of the decor to provide additional depth to a room. Look for mirrors that double as artwork.
  6. Leave space. Small rooms can be cramped if there is too much in the room. Keep pictures and other wall hangings to a minimum. Plan furniture to use only what is needed. One large piece of furniture, such as a bed or couch, is fine to include in the room. However, make it the room's focus (lighting can help accentuate the large piece) and sparsely decorate around it.
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