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Splendid Experience at Sacred Splendor

By Jake Levin

Originally, the fulltime career of Sophia Mantzavinos was as a martial arts instructor.

Summertime months could be slow for Mantzavinos, so she began to learn the intricacies of massage therapy to stay afloat in the off-season. Eventually, Mantzavinos made the jump to massage therapy fulltime, from which her Sacred Splendor studio was born in Santa Monica, Calif.

Natural products are the foundation from which Mantzavinos has built Sacred Splendor, with an emphasis on organic olive oils. While she was working in numerous spas and massage centers, Mantzavinos noticed there was a lack of organic products. To fix this issue, she began receiving organic olive oils from her mom's olive oil farm in Greece and began experimenting with different blends, mixing in coconut oils with essential oils. Mantzavinos has since created an organic olive oil perfume called "Sophia," blended with floral and citrus flavors.

"It's a unique organic perfume that has a signature scent, but unique to the individual since it works on an individual's Ph balance," Mantzavinos said. "I also created an organic natural body scrub blended with Himalayan of sea salts with olive oil, coconut oil, and essential oils."

What sets Sacred Splendor apart from its competitors is its custom massage packages that are tailored to the specific needs and requests of its clients. Mantzavinos tries to provide a positive holistic approach to connecting the mind, body and spirit while using organic aromatic oils and body scrubs to enhance complete renewal and rejuvenation. The body scrub is produced with extra virgin olive oil from her mom's farm in Greece.

"It's mixed with my signature blend of essential oils as well as coconut oil," Mantzavinos said. "It's a great way to exfoliate a client's skin. I also use a very rich hydrating cream to nourish the skin after the exfoliation. The body scrub is removed with hot towels dipped in jasmine or rose/lavender oil which ads a touch of soothing pampering."

Mantzavinos said that like with any new business venture, it can come down to the details of getting capital to fund small perfume bottles in glass jar containers, or getting the very best Himalayan products. But the challenge of doing so has made it all worthwhile for Mantzavinos as she continues to grow Sacred Splendor.

"Getting the correct formula combining olive oil coconut oil and blending essential oils to finding a website, store/shop online to showcase the product has definitely challenged me this year," Mantzavinos said.

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