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Stand Out from the Crowd with Pink Taquiza Catering

By Marina I. Jokic

Freshness and homemade flavor are top priority at Pink Taquiza Catering in West Hollywood. One of the area's top notch taco caterers, Pink Taquiza provides its delicious bounty at all kinds of events. From formal corporate catering to casual family gatherings, this caterer will customize the menu to fit your exact needs. Chef and owner Margarita Castillo, featured in several high-profile magazines and on television, runs a tight shift and has singlehandedly built up a brand recognizable throughout Southern California.

"My inspiration was my passion for food, and I have always loved the idea [of being] able to share our flavors [with my customers]," Castillo said. "We bring a talented and service-oriented team that will work to understand your success metrics, and design an event that will make you look good while maximizing business results."

Chef Castillo is a woman of multiple talents. Receiving her executive chef degree from the renowned Le Cordon Bleu program at the California School of Culinary Arts, part of the largest culinary network of institutes in the world, Castillo graduated with honors. She was able to use her business acumen and extensive culinary training to fashion her unique brand. Pink Taquiza doesn't only offer first-world catering, but also classes and specialized wedding planning.

Judging by the charm and homey approach of Castillo's staff, most people might assume Pink Taquiza is a small-scale operation. To the contrary, this humble taco caterer can feed up to 500 people, which is no small feat. With a menu brimming with fresh ingredients and spicy, zesty flavors to boot, Castillo has set the standard for gourmet taco world in LA and the surrounding areas.

For the last eight years, customers have raved about Pink Taquiza and propelled it to the top of the catering charts. It's no wonder that Castillo has been featured in several magazines and has appeared on Univision, Telemundo, W Radio, and Good Morning LA, fixtures of the California media landscape.

Especially popular for their corporate and wedding catering, Pink Taquiza knows how to put on an unforgettable display of colors and textures and to delight the palate with foods bursting with flavor.

"Our team understands that corporate events are judged on getting many diverse requirements satisfied and an event pulled off on schedule and to expectations," Castillo said. "We only use the highest grade meats and [the freshest] produce, [so for example, we use certified Angus beef, filet mignon, Mahi-Mahi and so on."

Some menu favorites include the Carne Asada and Al Pastor, the steak and pork respectively, tender morsels of freshly cut and grilled meat. These two and the Pollo Asado make up the backbone of the Pink Tequiza tacos. Of course, upgrades like grilled shrimp, braised pork, and Mahi Mahi are also available. Wash down these tasty bites with a rich selection of Aguas Frescas, or freshly made juices, such as lime lemonade, mint and watermelon, tamarindo, pineapple, and honedew melon among others.

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