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Tapioca Express Has an 'Epic Mission' to Provide Quality Taiwanese Fare

Inspired by Taiwanese food and drink, Tapioca Express is a Chula Vista, CA restaurant with a large assortment of beverages and snacks. From day one, the company has focused on bringing fine ingredients together for quality recipes that customers can't find anywhere else. Chief Operating Officer for the franchise, Jessie Ho, says the company doesn't sacrifice quality, even calling their mission an epic one.

"Our tea drinks are professionally created with the art of sight, sound, touch, scent, and most importantly, taste," Ho says. "Our epic mission to satisfy the five senses, with unmatched quality in ingredients, has been pioneered throughout the land. The diverse selections of our drink and food menu is our unique advantage."

The Tapioca Express drink menu includes a long list of coffee and espresso beverages, icies, traditional teas, Italian sodas, juices, milk teas, shaved ice, frosti milk and teaslushes. They also offer two less-traditional beverages: yogurt frost and snow bubbles. Yogurt frost is a type of frozen drink with yogurt and fresh fruit, blended until smooth. Snow bubbles are a Tapioca Express best seller with 25 different flavor options. Your choice of milk or soy milk is blended with non-dairy creamer and your syrup of choice. The company, however, is known for their milk teas. The tea leaves used in these beverages are baked for a smoky aroma to be paired with the richness of milk.

"Tapioca Express strives to broaden our brand image as 'beverage expert' instead of 'tea master' only," says Ho. "Our research and development staff care about our customers' feedback and experiences, and based on those, they create new drinks and food items every year to address customers' requests."

They carry this practice into their food menu as well. Their crispy chicken is made with a recipe entirely unique to Tapioca Express. Ho says this menu item reflects the traditional flavor of the popular Taiwanese crispy chicken snack. The Chi Chi Fries are another popular dish, topped with a specialty and "secret" sauce. Recently, Tapioca Express launched a brand new menu item: the Crunchin Chicken. They take marinated chicken and coat with egg, ramen noodles and fry it to a crunch.

Tapioca Express gets many of their crucial ingredients from local suppliers, relationships the company deeply values. Ho says the farmers they work with produce the highest quality teas and Tapioca Express continuously returns to work with them.

"Many partners still continue to join us due to our exceptional quality, courteous customer services and peerless partnership in business," Ho says. "The bottom line is we always figured that putting people and quality before profits made great common sense. So far, it's been working out for us."

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