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The Benefits of Stucco vs. Siding: An Interview with Dwayne Roy Snider of Dwayne Roy Snider Stucco & Plaster

By Dwayne Roy Snider

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Our company is a team of professional men that specialize in stucco and plaster. Each man has at least 25 years in the trade. They each have separate things they are experts in besides stucco. We are a team of five most of the time and more when we need them.

Can you briefly explain what a stucco finish is?

Stucco finish is a green product that dates back to BC with proof in the test of time. It has many options and colors to choose from, inside and out.

How do the costs of stucco typically compare with vinyl or other types of siding?

The price of stucco compared to other products such as the sidings and acrylics has no match when considering the lifetime permeability and lack of maintenance. (No painting.)

What are a few of the biggest challenges of installing and maintaining a stucco finish?

Challenges of applying stucco is initial inconvenience of noise from the mixer and clean up. All temporal impermanent.

What are some of the benefits of stucco compared with vinyl?

Compared to any other products, especially vinyl, you have a product that is from a rock crushed up to powder and made rock hard again. Its from the earth.

Do you have any tips for Southern California homeowners who are making a decision between stucco and vinyl?

Compare prices and finish options to any other product before deciding. Get three bids.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

You can contact us so easily through a phone call 619-646-5862 or an email at

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