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The Facts About Swimming Pool Remodeling and Repair: An Interview with Tim Mullins of The Pool Guys Remodeling & Repair

By Tim Mullins

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company history and the services you offer.

My wife and I started The Pool Guys Remodeling in 1996 as a pool service and repair company. Through the years we've gradually evolved into the remodeling company we are today. We have first-hand experience in all facets of the business because of the way we've slowly built it. From the water chemistry to how the water moves underground in your pool and spa plumbing, to the decking, plaster and tile on top of it all, we've done it all. We offer pretty much anything you can think of regarding your pool except pool service. We have some fantastic service companies we've worked with over the years that we can recommend however.

What's the main difference between a swimming pool remodel and a swimming pool repair?

A remodel is generally an aesthetic issue; however, there are many times a pool is leaking due to a plumbing or structural issue which then leads to a remodel as long as you have it torn apart. A repair is more along the lines of something that is hindering your pool from being maintained such a pump, filter or pipe leaking issue, or an accessory like a heater or light that is no longer working when needed. While we tend to do more remodeling, we many times can help customers with repair issues as well or can refer to another company if it is more time sensitive.

When is the best time for people in Southern California to remodel their swimming pools and how long does it typically take?

We live in California, land of the perfect weather, so we can remodel a pool year round. With that said, the swim season is really only from June to September for the most part. It's pretty short. A remodel from start to finish is 4 to 8 weeks if you include surface start-up time. So you can see, out of the 16-ish weeks of swim season, if you are doing a big remodel, you can lose 8 weeks of it. Customers really have to start getting their estimates in January (or even earlier) and get their project started no later than April. The problem is, once we get one sunny day in April, customers then start to think about their pools, finally get their estimates in May and by that time all of us remodelers are scheduled out 6 to 10 weeks, putting you right smack dab into swim season. It's hard to get excited about a remodel when it's not sunny out but that is exactly what folks need to do.

What options do homeowners have when it comes to remodeling their swimming pools?

The options nowadays are endless. The same technology that is driving smartphones and smart televisions is powering the pool business as well. Color changing LED color show lights, automated wireless controls, sprayers, waterfalls, multitudes of tile, coping and decking selections, salt systems, energy saving systems, etc., are all changing and improving almost monthly. With that said, we do lots and lots of simple, basic, remodels as well. It is nice to have all these options available for customers and we'll inform customers about them if they'd like to be educated on them; however, we only contract what they want and need from as basic to as elaborate as they want.

What are the most common types of swimming pool repairs that you've seen people in Southern California need?

Minor pipe leaks, pump repair, heater repair, pool leaks, tile repair and pool resurfacing.

What advice can you give homeowners about pool maintenance to help them save money on pool repairs and remodeling?

The number one bit of advice I can give anyone about their pool and spa is to not skimp on good pool service. Good service is not cheap, but neither are all the repairs that come from bad service. Chlorine alone will keep a customer's water clear, but there are so many other chemicals to keep your pool surface and equipment from being slowly eaten into nothing. This is where the big dollar repairs happen: plaster, tile, heaters, pumps, etc.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

They can reach us by phone, 626-961-9977, or by email

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