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This Santa Barbara Bakery Shows that Memories Help Make the Best Treats

By Elisha Neubauer

Growing up with her Grandmother in Michigan, Liz Giles found herself spending cold winter days huddled in the kitchen baking the day away. While toiling away in front of a warm stove for hours on end, Giles and her Grandmother created the most wonderful memories together- and in the process, delicious breads, cakes, and cobblers.

When Giles headed off to college, her Grandmother kept these memories alive by sending scrumptious care packages filled with an assortment of goodies from back home. Inside each package was a handwritten note detailing how much she missed her, how proud she was of her, and how much she loved her. It was these little parcels which kept Giles going so far from home.

Life carried on for Giles and eventually she found herself as a wife and a stay at home mother of two. Wanting to treasure the memories she shared with her beloved Grandmother, and finding a little extra time on her hands, Giles began spending more time than ever in the kitchen baking bread and sweets for her family and friends. But, as things tend to do, fate landed hard in Giles' mixing bowl and she found herself presented with an opportunity she couldn't pass up: purchasing her own cafe.

"I had always wanted to own my own cafe and this was a perfectly timed opportunity to take the first step," exclaimed Giles. "Delicious Expressions epitomized everything I remember about my childhood memories but in my new, much warmer, central California home."

Giles knew she wanted to put her own spin on the Delicious Expressions menu without taking away the core of the already-established business. Family favorites, such as Aunt Jessie's Sugar Cookies (created with nutmeg), began popping up on the menu. But, while Giles added some old family recipes, she found living in California had altered her cooking style just a notch.

"Growing up where I did, when I did there wasn't much concern over dietary restrictions. More butter, more sugar, more delicious," she chuckled. "But after moving to California I realized that there really can be too much of a good thing, and too much is really relative to each person."

After spending time in a different environment, Giles began meeting new people, each with their own different dietary needs (something she hadn't been exposed to before). It taught her to rethink her creations in a healthier note...something she carried on when her own children were born. Today, she utilizes her new baking style in her own additions to the Delicious Expressions menu.

"I expanded my recipes to include low sugar, whole wheat, and organic ingredients," she says. "I've even created vegan and salt free cakes! I firmly believe that life is better with little indulgences and no one should be excluded from Delicious Expressions by dietary restrictions."

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Miless Smith

I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good post, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one.

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