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Timeless Interior Design Trends: An Interview with Irit Axelrod of Axelrod Architects

By Irit Axelrod

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Axelrod Architects is a design-oriented, comprehensive architectural firm that creates residences, institutional and commercial buildings and interiors, in a style of spare modernism. The firm provides unparalleled service from conceptual design through construction, and is committed to quality in design, accuracy in construction, and buildings that perform as intended. Irit Axelrod is the principal and founder of Axelrod Architects. The Tel Aviv office was established in 2000, followed in 2005 by the opening of the office in San Francisco.

What are some of the services your company provides?

Full service architectural and interior design.

What are some examples of designs that have "staying power"? What are some classic colors and styles that will do this?

Mies Van Der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion is a perfect example of a powerful structure that was built early in the 20th century. I'm always looking for staying power in my own projects, and to accomplish this I work with clean lines, clarity of form, and natural light. White as a color will always be powerful, classic, and in vogue.

What are some design fads I should avoid if I want to remain trendy for years?

Avoid bright colors, unusual geometric lines and forms.

More specifically, what are some functional design elements I can add to my bathroom or kitchen?

It is not about adding but taking away. I approach a kitchen or bathroom with a goal of keeping it clean in appearance. To do this I ensure there is a functional, concealed place to store everything so that nothing is in view. Storage is key in reducing clutter.

Do you believe that neutral colors are always the way to go if you want to remain timeless? What are some fun color options that will also be timeless?

My projects are usually monochromatic, I use a lot of white, some black and greys. I like to use shades of white in some areas to get a sophisticated white ambiance.

Do you agree that hardwood flooring is something that will never go out of style?

Yes, I agree. But certain colors and finishes will change style, so stick with something simple in the end.

What is the best way to reach you or your company?

The best way to reach out is by email -

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