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Trainer Walter's Transformation Challenge Stresses Both Fitness and Nutrition

By S. Mathur

Finding a personal trainer you can respect and trust can be a challenge, especially if you live in Los Angeles. Trainer Walter, with a philosophy of fitness and healthy living underlying his personal coaching, is the end of the search for many.

As a former athlete, Walter Aguilera, Owner/Personal Trainer, discovered his training skills when he was trying to shed 20 extra pounds himself: "I took it upon myself to get certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, train myself and shed off the extra weight - all within three months. During those months, people noticed my progress. Strangers started asking me for advice, or if they could even work out with me."

His method worked, for himself and for the people who followed it: "I noticed that these people were actively applying what I was teaching them, and changing their lifestyles for the better. Witnessing this kind of change and sensing their appreciation inspired me to educate more people, promote a healthier lifestyle and pursue a career as a personal trainer."

Aguilera believes in achieving a balance of exercise and nutrition. His three month transformation challenge is a cross-training program which combines workouts with lifestyle changes. Clients are inspired to replace poor lifestyle habits with healthier ones. A good example of a success story is a client who never exercised and who ate fast food nearly every day of the week. After completing her training with Aguilera, she runs at the Rose Bowl, goes hiking with her kids, and enjoys cooking healthy food.

One of the things that clients appreciate about Aguilera's style is that he eschews the boot camp approach. Trainer Walter inspires clients, he doesn't shout at them. He also tries to make workouts as much fun as possible, with jokes, dancing and even friendly competitions with clients. He believes that people are more open to trying new things and new type of exercise if they're not feeling intimidated.

Aguilera's success as a personal trainer is based on his deep knowledge of how the body and its muscles work. Workouts are customized to meet each client's goals, and are varied to constantly challenge the body. Aguilera will even email health and fitness tips to clients to keep them motivated.

What's the best thing about being a personal trainer? Aguilera loves watching his clients realize that they can succeed in the goals they set for themselves: "I love seeing my clients realize that they are physically and mentally much stronger than they think they are. Seeing them do things they thought they would never be able to do, seeing their mindset change from, "I can't do that" to "I can do that", and seeing them promote their healthier lifestyle to their loved ones - all of this gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment."

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