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Understanding Architectural Homes

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Architectural homes or "architecturals" are custom-designed homes where the homeowner may work with an architect, builder, structural engineer and interior designer. These homes are pieces of structural art that reflect the architect chosen. Often sold in the millions of dollars, no two are alike. Architecturals are truly dream homes in every way, designed from the ground up.

Style Defined

There is no real definition of an architectural home, as each architectural home is a unique reflection of various styles, as designed. The design is always based on the area and climate where the home is built. In sunny and warm southern California, however, this "style" may be defined by large open spaces, heavy use of glass exterior walls or large windows to maximize light and the catch the view, and use of modern mixed with classic materials.

Buying An Architectural

There are many well-known architectural homes in Southern California, especially in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. Check various real estate agents' websites who sell architectural homes to see what they have to offer and the price ranges. They typically go for at least $1 million. Getting a comparable market analysis of an architectural home can be tricky, as it is one-of-a-kind. Certain architects command a higher dollar amount. Research an agent well before deciding whom to use for the purchase of your home.

Building Your Dream Home

Once you find the land, you are ready to get to work building your dream home. Many builders have architects that can also help design the house. They can incorporate green building materials or special features, as allowed by law or your wallet. Hire a licensed architect through the California Architects Board. Choose a builder on the California Building Industry Association. Structural engineers may be found on Structural Engineers Association of California. Look for a designer whose work you like at California Council for Interior Design Certification.

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