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What to Ask Before Hiring a Home Inspector: An Interview with Robert Zamba of Insight Home Inspection Services

By Robert Zamba

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Insight Property Inspections is a 5-star customer rated company who offers high quality photo oriented residential home inspections by certified inspectors. All inspections include thermal imaging at no extra cost. We also inspect pool, spas and multi-unit buildings.

What are the qualifications that home inspectors in California are required to have?

Technically, home inspectors in California are not required to be certified. That's why people looking for a home inspection should choose a company with experience, certification, and E and O Insurance.

Are there any additional qualifications that home buyers/sellers should look for in a potential home inspector?

A good home inspector has previous experience in home building/trades, is certified and insured.

Do all home inspections come with thermal imaging? Can you briefly explain why that's important?

No, most home inspections do not include thermal imaging. Thermal imaging cameras can find hidden plumbing and roof leaks by detecting temperature differences in material. Everybody knows how destructive water can be. Moisture changes the temperature of most materials. The camera appears to see into the wall. However, it detects the surface thermal differences created by the leak. It's a tool that I would never work without. We routinely find leaks not visible to anyone, even sometimes the owner of the home.

What should be included in a high-quality, thorough home inspection report?

The home inspection process is about informing and educating the client. Home inspection reports should be explained with narrative text and pictures. However, it should be preceded by an in person walk through summary with the inspector at the property. It's very important to spend time with the inspector. It's easier for people to understand items when they have seen them first at property before reading the report.

What would you tell people who are looking for an experienced home inspector?

Communicate with the home inspector you're thinking of hiring and ask them what their qualifications are. The home inspector should be open to talk with potential clients and make them comfortable. A home is a big purchase.

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