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Why Hire a Moving Company: An Interview with Chip Martin of Daly Movers Inc.

By Chip Martin

Tell Us About Daly Movers:

Daly Movers started in 1984 as a local moving company. Daly Movers became an Aprin Van Lines agent in 1985 to expand as an 48 state interstate a hauler and to enter into the international, GSA, and military markets. With Arpin we earned Best New Agent of the Year award in 1985, and went on to earn 3 Best Agent of the Year awards in the years since. William Martin, owner of Daly Movers is a stockholder in Arpin Vans and sits on both the Agent Advisory and the Marketing boards.

What Are Services do You Offer?

Daly Movers is a full service packing, crating, moving, and storage company servicing the local, interstate, and international markets for household, industrial, and high value, fine art, and museum quality goods. We operate out of 40,000 DOT approved warehouse in the City of Garden Grove. Domestically, Daly Movers directly services most of it customers with its employee operated fleet of trucks locally and across county.

What Are Some Advantages of Hiring a Moving Company?

The primary advantages are benefiting from our vast store of knowledge, experience, network of agents, and industry connections to make the most cost effective and stress free move. We are keenly aware that moving day is stressful for many customers, and we work hard to minimize that. Our customers also benefit from our experience and network of qualified agents to assure high standards from start to finish. Our staff and crews are problem-solvers and that's an advantage when coping with the surprises that naturally occur during the moving process, doing our best to make the complicated simple.

What Privileges do Moving Companies Have?

Movers do not have special and unique privileges as much as special and unique easy access to relocation resources such as insurance, materials, permits, special needs like pets, transportation providers for small and high value shipments, etc.

In Your Opinion, Is It More Affordable to Use the Services of a Moving Company?

Yes, it is. Time is money, it has often been said that is why using a professional mover is cheaper. And then there is damage, too often uninsured, caused by the do it him/her-self because they don't know what they are doing. With their specialized trucks, equipment, and qualified help a professional mover can get the job done while most customers would still be thinking about it. The direct and indirect costs of renting a truck, lining up qualified help, fuel costs, trip permits for driving thru states with a commercial vehicle, cost of labor, insurance coverage for high-value items, and risk of personal injury while lifting are costs avoided by using a pro mover.

Will I have Insurance on my Belongings?

Yes, Daly Movers has insurance plans for most moves. We can vary costs by adjusting coverage amounts and deductibles to make the desired coverage affordable. Whether or not a customer purchases insurance, we provide experienced and careful crews to minimize the chances of damage, and we provide basic coverage at no charge.

Contact Info:

  • Daly Movers can be reached by phone at 714-538-2831.
  • Daly Fax is 714-639-5615.
  • Owner's email address is:
  • We have a website with interactive move information request that a customer can easily use:
  • Mobile phone browser:

We are located in central Orange County:

10612 Stanford Ave.

Garden Grove, CA 92840

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