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Yoga Space Is A Space For All

By Keith Donaldson

In a city the size of Bakersfield finding a place to relax and recharge can be hard. Luckily, there is Yoga Space. Much more than just a yoga studio, Yoga Space has a multitude of therapists on staff as well as numerous other ways to relax. Having served the community for more than a decade, Yoga Space has helped many people find themselves in Bakersfield. Manager Brittany Lange answered some questions about the studio and its success.

What was the inspiration behind opening Yoga Space? How long have you been open?

Our owner and studio director, Paula Brown, wanted to create a true community space of healing and wellness. We are not simply a yoga studio. We have a massage therapist, marriage and family therapists, a retail space stocked with yoga props, clothing, and goodies, and an organic tea bar. From the beginning, Paula envisioned Yoga Space as a place people enjoy visiting. Since opening in 2006 we have always strived to stay true to our values of promoting the quality and healing benefits of yoga, while recognizing the importance of self care and mental health.

How would you describe the atmosphere and culture Yoga Space and its classes offer to students?

That is such a great question. We have such a diverse group of people who come through our doors. We feel immensely blessed to feed off of their good energy, because it's such an important part of what makes us special. The atmosphere at Yoga Space is warm and inviting; I've had so many new students come through the door and say things like, "wow, I walked in and just got overwhelmed with a good feeling." It's also a quiet space, but it isn't uncommon to see a group of students connecting before a class, sitting in the lounge section and cracking each other up. Our classes are the same way: inviting, and a place to get comfortable with your body and yourself. We welcome everyone at Yoga Space. Our studio motto is "Be Inspired." and we hope we encourage people to feel it.

​Along with your yoga classes you also offer teacher training. Why do you think someone should choose your Teacher Training program in order to become a yoga instructor?

Our 200 hour yoga teacher immersion is offered annually. Our foundation is the study of Iyengar yoga, a style committed to skill and quality of teaching through alignment, sequencing and timing of poses. Our Certified Iyengar Teachers have been practicing yoga for a minimum of seven years and have completed in excess of 2500 hours of training, In addition, they are connected with a senior mentor teacher for continual guidance and learning. By choosing Yoga Space as your spot for teacher training, you are guaranteeing yourself an amazing, transformative experience if you truly invest yourself. Many of our students in teacher training are people who first started practicing at Yoga Space, and/or have personally seen the incredible benefits of yoga. It's inspiring to see them progress throughout the program.

I saw that some of your upcoming workshops are Introduction to Yoga courses. Can you tell me a little more about what these workshops will offer to students?

Introduction to Yoga courses are some of our most popular workshops. They're a fantastic way to build a strong foundation in your practice, and are a great place to do that with other people who are at a similar level to you. Intro workshops are going to build on each other from week to week, so you'll be getting a seamless introduction and a cohesive lesson plan to help you further your yoga practice.

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