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Real Estate Solutions by Russel Ray

Real Estate Solutions by Russel Ray

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Specialty: home inspection or any other related real estate services

Areas Served: San Diego

A little bit about Real Estate Solutions by Russel Ray:

I have been active in real estate since I was eleven years old. That was when my wise old grandmother challenged me to make something out of a corner of her yard where should couldn't get anything to grow. I took her up and made a beautiful cactus and succulent garden there. When I went off to college seven years later, she continued to take care of my little garden until the day she died.

Since that day, I have done much more than simple landscaping, including having been involved in hundreds of property renovations in seven states, both individually and in partnership with others.

My many professions relating to real estate have include real estate agent, roofing contractor, plumber, heating and cooling technician, drywaller, brick and stucco mason, and probably a couple more professions related to real estate. I have also built pools and spas, dug waters wells, and installed septic tanks. The only profession I have never been a part of is that of electrician. I think I was rebelling because my granddad, dad, and three uncles all were electricians.


InterNACHI logoI have been a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors since March 2003. With over 9,000 members, it is the largest and most active online trade association in the world. I will be the first to admit that I don't know everything there is to know about real estate, so if I have any questions, I can go to the InterNACHI online message board, post questions and pictures, and have the correct answer within hours, sometimes even minutes.

In comparison to other home inspector trade associations, ASHI has about 3,600 members and CREIA has about 1,200 members. All of the home inspector trade associations have basically the same Standards of Practice and continuing education requirements, so the thing to do in order to get the best bang for the buck (they all charge admission to their associations), the largest one is the one I chose. For the record, I did try ASH and CREIA from 2001-2003 and found that they did not meet my needs and goals for my own professionalism and in helping my clients.

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Phone: 619-341-0173

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