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Increase Your Chances of Renting with a Bad Credit Score

If you are looking to rent and do not have the best credit score, you can do some things to improve your chances of renting. Start by doing research on prospective properties and landlords. If you notice that a landlord has more than one property that will be to your advantage. When a landlord has more properties it shows that he is not too concerned covering the mortgage of an investment property he just bought, so is more likely to accept a shaky application. Another thing to research is for how long a certain property has been vacant. The longer a property has not had a tenant, the more likely you are to rent it.

A sure way to win over a landlord is also to put down extra for the security deposit, or if you can afford it, pay a couple of months in advance. By doing so you are showing that you are financially secure, and pose a lower risk to them. If you can't afford it right away, try moving in with a friend, or living home while you save money. Also don't forget to add references to increase your credibility. Get letters from previous landlords showing that you paid on time, is a sure way to prove how responsible you are.

To increase your odds you can also get a co-signer with a reputable credit score. They will be just as accountable as you, and will have to pay rent if you default, so a landlord will even be more likely to accept your application. Finding a roommate will also be helpful, since there will be two people responsible for paying. The main goal is to show you are a responsible tenant who will pay his rent, and will not leave the landlord empty handed.

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