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Questions To Ask a Real Estate Attorney

By Lizzy Roberts

Before you hire a real estate attorney, make sure that the attorney you're considering is experienced and that you are comfortable with how you case is going to be handled. After you've evaluated your candidates and narrowed down your search to two or three real estate attorneys, it's time to schedule a meeting. Preparing for your first meeting will cover the basics, but it's important to get some information out on table, such as his or her work style, case history, and billing details.

Here are a few questions that you should ask before you commit to an attorney:

-- How long have you been practicing real estate law?

-- How many property transactions have you handled?

-- If there are special circumstances (i.e. short sale, property liens, etc) how experienced are you with these issues?

-- How will you bill me?

-- Who else will be working on my case?

-- When can you begin working on my transaction?

It's important to know the answers to these questions before you hire a real estate attorney to make sure that they will be an appropriate match for you and your specific case. And in the case of a short sale, it's especially important to confirm their expertise on the matter.

Overall, be honest with your expectations and to fully disclose the details of your case. A real estate attorney is an important component of your home buying or selling process, and therefore it's important to hire someone who will do thorough and efficient work. Also, don't sign any contracts until you've met with all your potential candidates to make sure that you'll be working with the one that's the most compatible with you.

Once you've chosen an attorney, it's time to get to work and close on your dream home!

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